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FAQs: Building Homeowner Dreams by Answering Questions

At Verndale Custom Builders we are about making the home building process pleasant, simple, and efficient. For these reasons, we have provided informative answers to some of the most frequent questions received about system built homes. Yes, they are customizable. Yes, we integrate top-of-the line building materials and appliances. And yes, we are not only capable of building your home but can also provide all of the related services you need to be able to move in and start living there. See below to find in-depth answers and more!

If you are looking to get the most out of your "housing dollar", you need to consider a system-built home. Depending on the region of the country, construction costs per square foot for a new system-built home average anywhere from 10-35% less than a comparable site-built home, excluding the cost of land. Today's system-built homes offer the quality construction, modern amenities and livability you are seeking… at a price that fits your lifestyle and your budget!

Our system-built homes are constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment, built to the State of Minnesota Building Code. A site-built home is built "on-site" using traditional building techniques that are supposed to meet state and local codes; however, this is more difficult to ensure when the home is not being constructed in a controlled environment.

Today's system-built homes are built with the same building materials as site-built homes; the difference lies in the building environment. System built homes are constructed in a controlled factory environment where quality of construction is consistently superior to what can be done outdoors. There won't be any water-soaked and swelled subfloors, warped lumber, or damaged shingles from walking on them under a hot sun.

The State of Minnesota Building Code, overseen by the Minnesota Department of Labor, regulates and monitors nearly all aspects of system built homes, just like it does for site-built homes. These aspects include design, construction, strength, durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and overall quality. Standards are also set for the heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, thermal, and electrical systems. The State of Minnesota Building Code ensures our compliance with these standards by conducting thorough inspections. Inspections take place directly in our factory throughout each step of the home building process.

The major benefits to having your home built in a factory…

  • All aspects of the construction process are quality controlled.
  • The weather doesn't interfere with construction, cause costly delays, or damage building materials.
  • All technicians, craftsmen, and assemblers are on the same team and professionally supervised.
  • Inventory is better controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage.
  • All construction materials, as well as interior features, are purchased in volume for additional savings.
  • All aspects of construction are continually inspected by not one, but several, inspectors.
  • You won't need home insurance coverage until it is set down on your foundation.

Of course you can! Today's system-built homes come with many of the "standard" features that are found in site-built homes. Numerous floor plans are available, ranging from basic models to more elaborate designs featuring vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchens, bedroom suites with walk-in closets, and bathrooms with recessed whirlpool tubs. You will also find yourself being able to select from a variety of exterior designs and siding materials, including wood, hardboard, steel, or vinyl siding.

Using the latest in computer-assisted design, we have the flexibility of customizing your home's floor plans, interior finishes, and exterior designs. At Verndale Custom Builders your lifestyle and your budget are the only limitations to the options available to you.

We can also create fully accessible homes for those with special needs. If you are interested in such a home, work with one of our sales representatives to ensure your home includes the necessary accessible features — such as extra-wide halls and doorways, accessible counters and appliances, and specially equipped bathrooms.

Like any home, while your mortgage payment may be your biggest expense, you will have other regular and periodic expenses, such as property taxes and service fees for water and utilities.

YES! At Verndale Custom Builders we retain on-staff tradesmen to provide you with a true turnkey home. While much of the home construction process is performed in our controlled factory, we also have skilled tradesmen who tackle the on-site tasks — including land clearing and excavation, foundation development, structural transport, home set-down, septic services (design, installation, and hookup), water and electric hookup, and any final finishing that is better left for on-site completion.

When you opt to build with Verndale Custom Builders you will be left with a modern, custom, ready-to-move-in home. We handle all phases and areas of home construction to make the home building process pleasant, simple, and efficient.

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